Avatropin Side Effects and Customer Reviews

The “Fountain of Youth” is a myth. But the way some people talk about HGH, you would think they found the age-old fountain.

HGH is a growth hormone produced by the human body. And Avatropin is formulated to increase HGH and give consumers its health benefits.

As a consumer, my first question is — does Avatropin increase HGH? If yes, these are the potential benefits:

These desirable benefits could intrigue any consumer. But my second question is — will Avatropin side effects overshadow its benefits?

Before buying Avatropin, I had to find the truth, so I created AvatropinSideEffects.com so I could share my findings with other curious consumers.

Avatropin contains ingredients, which are supposed to naturally raise and maintain HGH levels. Let’s learn more about Avatropin’s ingredients to see if they actually work.

About the Avatropin Key Ingredients

With 3,300 mg per serving, Avatropin is loaded with natural extracts, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Not all the ingredients boost HGH levels. Some are included to directly burn fat, boost energy, improve blood circulation, and provide antioxidants.

These key ingredients are the ones that elevate HGH:

L-Dopa – Dopamine is a naturally-occurring hormone and L-dopa is its precursor.
Dopamine enhances mood and brain function, but it’s also essential for HGH production.
Research shows L-dopa supplements increase dopamine and thereby boost HGH levels
(Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism).

Glutamine Peptides – During exercise, glutamine levels get depleted and the body
doesn’t replenish them very quickly. This is a problem because glutamine peptides regulate
metabolism, build muscle, and increase HGH levels. In one study, athletes raised their HGH
levels just 30 minutes after taking glutamine peptides (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition).

GABA – By reducing neuron excitability, GABA promotes relaxation and enhances
sleep quality. This neurotransmitter also stimulates the pituitary gland to release more HGH.
During a clinical study, people taking GABA boosted HGH levels as much as 400% (Medicine
and Science in Sports and Exercise).

Colostrum – Derived from breast milk, colostrum is rich in growth factors, antibodies,
vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids. In the body, HGH prompts the liver to produce growth
factors such as IGF-1 and IGF-2. These work like HGH to promote cell growth and reproduction.

Does Avatropin Cause Side Effects?

There is a lot of information about HGH side effects online. But most information doesn’t apply to natural HGH supplements like Avatropin. Instead, it’s referring to the side effects caused by synthetic HGH products.

Synthetic products that insert the hormone itself directly into the body are powerful, but also dangerous and costly.

Avatropin is completely different because it doesn’t contain any HGH. Its proven ingredients stimulate hormone-producing glands and the body does the rest.

Avatropin only uses safe, natural ingredients. Chances are low that users will experience significant side effects.

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Is Avatropin a Safe Choice?

Because Avatropin’s ingredients are effective, many users report that their energy and strength increased, skin became healthier, weight loss was easier, and overall health improved. Because the ingredients are safe and work naturally to increase HGH, very few users reported side effects.

Avatropin is more affordable than many natural HGH supplements and extremely affordable compared to synthetic HGH products. In addition, consumers can try Avatropin risk free when they buy from authorized retailers.

If you want the benefits of HGH, I recommend using Avatropin.